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    Why Choose China Odyssey Tours
    An Experienced China Travel Agency and Tour Operator Since 1987

    At China Odyssey Tours, we realize that each journey is special. So we do everything possible to ensure your trip of discovery to China is one of your best travel experiences, created, guided and hosted by the best people, in the best way and delivered at the best value. And year after year, our high level of repeat travelers confirms there is no substitute for great experience, personal service, safety, comfort and selection.

    We are: World Wide Web + Travel Agent + Tour Operator
    That's why we guarantee to: Save you money + Provide best service!

    Based in China

    China Odyssey Tours is based in China (Guilin). We contract with the suppliers all over China DIRECTLY. That's why we are able to offer lower price on our travel products and better quality control on the tour operation. Over the past 19 years , we have established good relationship with a vast array of suppliers of hoteliers, airlines and their ticketing offices, local tour operators, etc. Among so many tour operators providing tours in China, we are the best in operating Yangtze River Cruises, Southwest China (Guilin, Guizhou, Yunnan - Kunming), and Tibet.

    19 years of Experience

    For almost 19 years , we've been sharing China's natural beauty and unique culture with over 100,000 happy travelers just like you, whatever you come from North America, Europe, or a small island country in Pacific Ocean.

    Our Team of travel professionals is the best in serving travelers with its day-to-day working knowledge of China (including Tibet as a part of China), and in showing fascinating glimpses of behind-the-scenes modern China. We provide worry-free and personalized travel service so you can rest assured that you will be expertly guided by English (or German, French, etc) speaking travel professionals with an extensive local knowledge of the many exciting places you'll visit.

    Volumes and Prices

    Since we have long established and reliable relationship with our suppliers and we have created over 100,000 happy guests, our volumes have enabled us to provide the best prices on tour packages, hotel bookings and Yangtze river cruises.

    Personalized Service

    We are with you all the way - from the moment you submit an inquiry form from our website or call our office - ensuring you that your China tour is as worry-free as possible. Our travel consultants are knowledgeable and patient in designing a perfect itinerary for you. All of our tour packages can be customized according to your special needs. For most of the travelers, we provide private tours - you are the boss to decide when to go and what to do.

    Customized Travel

    We know that today's travelers call for a much more flexible travel experience. Our travel consultants consider planning the trip to be a part of that experience, which begins with your first email or call. On our website, we provide pre-designed tour packages, but we know it is not enough to meet your needs. So we are proud to tell you that all the tours can be customized according to your special needs and interests.