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1. The best months for this cycling route are September and October.

2. The average altitude of this route is quite high, during the ride, you will climb 9 mountains whose altitude is over 4000m, and the difference of altitude is high as well for some of the days, so prepare some medicine against reaction of high altitude if necessary or some chocolate, and please control your speed according to your physical condition during the ride.

3. Due to the high altitude, the temperature difference is high between the day and the night, and it will be very changeable within a day, so please bring enough clothes and raincoat to suit different situations.

4. Bring hat, sunglasses & sunscreen with you, because the sunlight of the high plateau can be very stronger during the noon time.

5. Drink more water, have more vegetables and fruit, or take a pill of Vitamin C each day.

6. Keep warm, try not to take shower for the first several days and try to avoid catching a cold.

7. Bring some necessary medicines with you, such as: the medicines for flu, sore throat, coughing, diarrhea, etc that you use at home.

8. Pack light, as according to the regulation in China, the luggage allowance for the first class ticket holders is 40 kilos (88 pounds) per person, 30kg (66pounds) per person for business class ticket holders and 20 kilos (44 pounds) per person for economy class ticket holders (adults). Some of the airports are very strict on these allowances.

9. The official currency in mainland China is the Renminbi (RMB) or "People's currency." We suggest that you exchange money on the first day in the hotel at which you stay, otherwise you may have to wait for several days until you reach some bigger towns. The amount you need to exchange for the first time is USD150 to 200.

10. You can bring cash or travelers' cheques with you. You can use US dollars, Euros or English pounds to pay bills in the hotels or in the friendship stores. To buy things from vendors outside the scenic spots, to pay for any optional tours and to tip porters, tour guides and drivers or whomever you want to tip, use Rembini. You will be unable to use US dollars or other foreign currencies in department stores, small convenience stores, local restaurants with street vendors.

11. ATM machines are only available in big cities or towns, you need to have password to withdraw money from ATM.

12. Cycling routes involve many small rural areas, where the sanitary condition may not be so good. It is sensible to take with you some sanitizer or wet tissues to clean your hands before you eat.

13. Purchase some raw ginger in the local market. Eat a little piece each time with the meals or put it in the warm water, which can help your circulation and stomach and relieve pain.

14. The water from the tap in the most hotels is not drinkable, so always drink the boiled water or bottled water.

15. Respect the customs of local people, especially when you go to visit the areas of different minorities. Ask your tour guides about the proper etiquettes, behaviors, manners and taboos to avoid offending people.

16. Most Chinese people are friendly, but before you take their pictures, it is better to ask for the permission beforehand.

17. Do not tease the dogs along the way, especially Tibetan dogs that can be very furious to the strangers.