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    China Cycling Travel Questions and Answers:

  • Health, Insurance, Safety & Security

    5. When I lose my property, what can I do?
    If unfortunately you lose your properties, our guides in each city can always help you, if serious, our guide will help you report to the police.

    If you lose your passport in China, report to the local public security organ as soon as possible what has happened. Besides, contact with the embassy or consulate of your own country applying for an exit document with the certificate issued by the local public security organ.

    If you lose your credit card, call the issuing bank to report the loss immediately.

    6. If I book a tour from you, what kind of insurance will be included?
    If you book a package tour from us, China Life Tourist Accident/Casualty insurance of US$24,000 for you will be included as part of our package.
    Please note that if you only book hotels or flights from us, such insurance will not be applicable.

    Although the above insurance is provided by China Odyssey Tours for free, we still suggest you buy necessary travel insurance from insurance coompany in your country.

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