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    China Cycling Travel Questions and Answers:

  • Tour designing, Reservation, Confirmation

    9. What kinds of medicine do you think I should take?
    Yes, we do suggest you take some common medicines with you, such as: the medicines for flu, sore throat, coughing, diarrhea, etc that you use at home

    We strongly suggest you go to see your doctor and take his/her advices as well as the medicines he/she provides.

    10. What are the things I need to pack?
    Here is some advice for your packing list:

    1) Print out the confirmation letter and itinerary you get from us and bring one copy with you.
    2) The passport with all necessary visas
    3) Airline tickets/train tickets
    4) Wallet & Credit cards & Traveler's checks
    5) Your medical record & First-aid kit & Medicines & Vitamins
    6) Clothes suitable for the season (please check the weather of your destination before you come) & Comfortable shoes
    7) The Dress standard for most places in China would best be described as “smart casual”, if your tour involves some formal occasions, then a set of formal suits would be recommended.
    8) Raincoat and/or umbrella
    9) Hat, Sunglasses & Sunscreen, depending on the season and your destination
    10) Insect repellent. Especially for summer months and for travelers who are going to visit rural areas.
    11) If you wear glasses, we suggest you bring two pairs with you.
    12) Some small and cheap gifts from your hometown.
    13) Address and telephone number list on a sheet.
    14) Converter if you have one or it is necessary for you to have one

    ⑴ Try to make your check-in luggage light, because according to the regulation in China, the luggage allowance for the first class ticket holders is 40 kilos (88 pounds) per person, 30kg (66pounds) per person for business class ticket holders, 20 kilos (44 pounds) per person for economy class ticket holders (adults), and some of the airports are very strict.

    ⑵“Carry On” luggage for air travel in China is limited to 2 pieces for first class travelers and one piece for business and economy class travelers. The dimensions of each shall not exceed 20X40 X55cm and the total weight shall not exceed 5 kg. The carry on items in excess of the above mentioned piece, weight or dimension shall be checked-in as checked baggage according to regulations.

    11. How can I make the complaints if I am not satisfied with some of the services during my tour?
    Should you want to complain or claim for compensation whenever you are not satisfied with some of the services during your tour, you must inform us by email, regular mail, or facsimile in writing within 15 days upon the finish of your tour. Please attach relevant receipts and substantiating evidence to the letter of claim. China Odyssey Tours will not be liable for any claims made later than 15 days after you finish your tour.

    Please feel free to contact China Odyssey Tours customer service center at or phone at +86-773-5854000 , facsimile at +86-773-5841166.

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