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    China Cycling Travel Questions and Answers:

  • Miscellaneous

    1. Can I use my mobile phone in China?
    In China, GSM networks operated by China Mobile provide coverage in every major city, while CDMA network run by China Unicom is improving its coverage, so if you have a dual band or tri band mobile phone or use COSMOTE card, then you can use your mobile phone in China in most big cities.

    2. Can I buy GSM SIM card in China?
    Yes, in China, you can buy GSM SIM card, there are mainly two kinds you can choose: Shenzhouxing issued by China Mobile, Ruyitong issued by China Unicom. Usually when you buy SIM card, no document is required but it is a prepaid charge and you need to finish using that amount of prepaid charge before the indicated date. You can buy charging card in amount of 50 RMB and 100 RMB to recharge in post offices, stores and newsstands easily.

    3. Can I rent a mobile phone in China?
    If you are to visit big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, you can rent a mobile phone at:

    - Panda Phone

    4. What kinds of phone cards are available for us? How can we call back home with these cards?
    There are various phone cards available in post offices inside hotels or at most newsstands on the street in China. Among them IC card and IP card are the most popular ones.

    Most public telephones you see in booths are IC telephones, which allow you to call home directly. IC card is issued by China Telecom, international calls with IC telephone cards are relatively expensive, usually over 10 RMB/M. When you buy an IC card and want to call back home, simply just find a telephone booth either in a hotel, restaurant, airport or some other places, insert the card into the phone and follow the vocal instructions to dial the number you want.

    IP cards are issued by different issuers such as China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom and China Jitong, thus the Rates for international calls are different. China Unicom's rate for calls to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan usually is 1.5 RMB/M, 2.6 RMB/M to America and Canada while 3.6 RMB/M to other countries. The others rates for international calls are either a little bit higher or lower than that of China Unicom. Currently, the IP phone service has covered the whole country, providing international service between China and over 200 countries and regions. There will be instructions on each IP card to tell you how to make a call, you can use the hotel phone to call with IP card and the hotel usually will charge some fare as that of city call.

    Please note: some of the IC cards or IP cards can be used only in certain provinces or regions, so please check it and also the expired date before you purchase them.

    5. What are the public holidays in China? Should we avoid visiting China during the public holidays?

    In China, the public holidays are:

    Jan. 1st ---- New Year's Day; 1 day holiday
    Jan/Feb ---- Spring Festival (Chinese lunar New Year); 4-day holiday
    Mar. 8th ---- International Women's Day; 1/2 day holiday for women only
    May 1st ---- International Labors' Day; 3-day holiday
    Jun. 1st ---- International Children's Day, is a festival for children.
    School children normally have 1 day or 1/2 day holiday.
    Oct. 1st ---- National Day; 3-days holiday

    For May 1st and October 1st, according to Chinese government's regulation, two weekends will be combined with 3-day holiday, thus most Chinese people will have 7-day consecutive holiday from May 1st to 7th, Oct. 1st to 7th, when it is very crowded in tourist cities like Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Guilin, etc. We suggest you avoid visiting China during these two public holidays if possible.

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